Tree Education Areas

We have recently been awarded a grant by the No. Ky. Urban and Community Forestry Council for our proposal to make a Tree Education Area. This grant will assist in a portion of the funding. There will be two areas created– one of smaller trees for identification, which will be found behind the Wishing Well Overlook at the park. The other area of marked mature trees on a trail which will be located off Stillwater Trail. The Landmark Tree Trail – is a combination of Jones Way and the Stillwater trail, with some new add features.


Alexandria City Park Tree Trail Insert Tree Trees Native to Campbell County

1) Black Cherry (Prunus serorting)

2) White ash (Fraxinus americana)

3) Suger Maple (Accer saccharum)

4) Hack Berry (Celtis occintentalis)

5) Slippery Elum (Ulmus rubra)

6) Papaw (Asiminstrloba)

7) Tuliptree (Lirioderdron tulipfera)

8) Shag bark Hickory (Carya orata)

9) Tree-of- heaven (Ailantus altissima)

10) Honey-locust (Gleditsia triacanthos)


Tree Info: Some Useful Kentucky Tree Links

• University of Kentucky’s Horticulture site

• Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Directory of Tree’s and Shrubs

• Searchable Database of Tree’s