Charlie Battery

Alexandria’s Adopted Unit

Charlie Battery


On May 15, 2003, the City of Alexandria officially adopted the Charlie Battery Company 2-44 Air Defense Artillery Unit of the 101st Airborne known as “Hellfighters”. Through the contact of America Supporting Americans (ASA), the City was assigned the Charlie Battery Company who have been deployed twice since adoption.This unit is based out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, not far from Alexandria, so we consider it a perfect match.

As a brief history, the Charlie Battery is one of five Batteries that make up 2-44 ADA Battalion. It is divided into four platoons: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Headquarters Platoons. Charlie soldiers have trained on stinger missiles and avenger weapon systems and practice identifying both enemy and friendly aircraft and dangerous missions and long separations from their families and rest assured each one of these proud soldiers would welcome a home town such as Alexandria to support them.

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