How to Obtain a Report

Our administrative office is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Reports take 3 to 4 business days from the date of the incident to process. We do not simply take reports; we do everything we can to see to their accuracy. Therefore, the filing of a report is not a quick process.


Office: 859-635-4126
Fax: 859-635-4123



Traffic Accidents

Kentucky is a “uniform” reporting state which means all agencies are required by law to use the same forms and processes. Traffic accident reports are entered into our computers and sent directly to the Kentucky State Police Records Section for audit and approval.

To obtain a copy of your accident report, simply go to and enter the information listed below. There will be a $10.00 charge. You will be able to view, download and print your report directly from the website. The information: Date, Badge Number, Last Name, Local Code and Agency ORI should have been given to you at the time of the accident.

If you have a problem with the internet transaction, you can select the “Contact Us” icon on the web-site and complete the questionnaire or contact the customer service line at phone number 317-215-8300. There will be a small delay from the time of the accident until the report is available on-line.

Reports that our department did not handle cannot be retrieved by our agency ORI number. We hope this process will be of assistance to you for more convenience and timeliness.

Per KRS 189.635: To obtain a copy of a vehicle accident report, you must be a party to the accident, the parent or guardian of a minor who is party to the accident, insurers of any party who is the subject of the report, or an attorney of the parties.


Crime Reports And Other Incident Reports

Officers file “Uniform Offense Reports” on all criminal activity such as burglary, theft, criminal mischief, etc. All reports must be entered into the computer and approved by a supervisor prior to release. Again this process may take 3 to 4 working days.

Incident reports and dispatch runs are also available to the public, however, if record clerks are back logged there may be an additional delay. We must prioritize our records entry so as to accommodate people who have extenuating issues pending.


Kentucky Open Records

We make every attempt to comply with citizen requests for open records information. An “Open Records Request Form” is available by fax, however, the records must be picked up in person. The form must be completed before we will release any record to individuals who are not involved in the initial reporting process.