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Volunteers In Police Service



“It is more important than ever to find innovative ways to assist law enforcement in protecting our Communities. VIPS is a creative solution that harnesses a very powerful resource – Citizen volunteers, “Attorney General John Ashcraft.”


Since September 11, 2001, the demands on local law enforcement have increased dramatically. As a result, the already limited resources of police agencies are being stretched further than ever at a time when the country needs every available officer out on the beat.

In many jurisdictions around the country, volunteers in their communities have offered their time and skills to local law enforcement agencies.

In 2004, the Alexandria Police Department announced to the community that we were looking for a few good people and we found them. Volunteers in Police Service provides a value-added level of support to our agancy and to our community. Although we are designed and staffed to provide appropriate policing and law enforcement services to the community, there is always more to do! Our volunteers allow our officers to focus on policing and enforcement by taking on these additional duties by providing support to the clerical staff, following up with victims of certain types of crimes and provide them with referrals to other agencies. They participate in citizen patrol programs, where they perform city business checks, vacation checks and back-up our officers by assisting with traffic control or just being another set of trained eyes and ears.

Applicants must pass similar background investigations, drug screening, and interviews as police officers do and they are trained in their assigned task.

Since 2004, our VIPS have worked over 13,641 hours, saving the community over $272,000.00.

Our VIPS personnel work in records, evidence collection, investigations, citizen patrols, victim assistance, tactical and firearms training. They are dedicated and loyal to our agency and community.


We thank them and we don’t know what we ever did without them.

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