S.R.O.  – School Resource Officer



Officer Mick Carrasquel is assigned to the Campbell Co. Middle School on a full-time basis as the Resource Officer for the school. The School Resource Officer program is a joint cooperative effort between the Campbell Co. Board of Education and the City of Alexandria, and is a valuable program not only for added security at the schools, but to also handle any day-to-day incidents at the school that would require police attention. Officer Vinson serves as an advisor to the students on any concerns they may have outside the school setting. Officer Carrasquel also works with students who attend the Campbell Co. Day Treatment Educational Center (located in the former Alexandria Elementary building)

The School is the Community and the Community is the School

The school is simply an extension of the overall community. Crime that affects the community has an impact on schools, while offenses occurring on school property also affect the community. The presence of law enforcement representation within the school community provides for a consistent approach to community public safety. In addition, it provides a model application of community policing principles.


School Safety Equals Public Safety

Law enforcement’s responsibility to public safety has never been in greater demand than it is in the school community today. Escalating concern about student aggression in general and highly publicized school shootings specifically have clearly demonstrated that today’s key school issues are public safety issues. The responsibility for the safety and welfare of students and school staff has been recognized as too great a burden to be shouldered by schools alone; the current school safety challenge is a public safety challenge.


School Crisis Demands a Law Enforcement Response

For a number of years schools have prepared to deal with crisis situations at both the school district and school campus level. Inclusion of a law enforcement presence strengthens the capacity of the school and community to deal effectively with crises which arise within the school community. Law enforcement officers are community crisis responders with specific training to address the crisis situation; they are crisis management experts by trade.


Working with the Campbell County School District our primary focus is to assist in the enforcement of school policy and provide valuable public safety resources to their staff. We are proud of our partnership with the School District.


For Information, Email Officer Tim Vinson: mcarrasquel@campbell.kyschools.us