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Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)


In 1997, the Alexandria Police Department created a SWAT team recognizing a need for a specialized group of officers to handle situations beyond the capabilities of regular trained police officers. Over the years, several agencies joined with the Alexandria department to create a multi-jurisdictional team that covers 5 cities, all of Pendleton County, and a major state university. Alexandria, Bellevue, Campbell County Sheriff’s Office, Cold Spring, Northern KY University, Pendleton County Sheriff’s Office and Wilder all have officers assigned to this specialized unit. With this being a multi-agency unit, the team was re-named the “Northern Kentucky Special Operations Group” in 2009. All of the officers are trained in numerous basic and advanced tactics, weapons, negotiations, and other skills relating to the job they are tasked with. SWAT teams are used for many high risk operations such as arrest warrant service, drug warrant service, dignitary protection, hostage rescue, and barricaded subjects. SWAT teams afford these operations to be done in a more safe and tactical manner, being a luxury that the normal patrol officer does not have.The Northern Kentucky Special Operations Group trains for 10 hours per month, constantly honing their tactical and firearms skills, and is a very competent and professional unit.


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