Covid – 19 Information


Click CHOOSING SAFER ACTIVITIES to see examples of the types of activities that would and would not require a mask whether or not you have been vaccinated.  Updated May 25, 2021.








Most Recent CDC Info regarding Quarantine/Isolation

Covid Info from Northern Kentucky Health Department

For vaccine scheduling locations and opportunities, visit or call the hotline at 855-598-2246.  For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, the TTY is 855-326-4654.

Healthy at Home Eviction Relief Fund

7/10/2020 – Gov. Beshear’s Executive Order mandating masks for Kentuckians

Latest Info from State of Kentucky

Executive Order 2002-02 (Declaring State of Emergency in Alexandria)

Executive Order 2002-03 (Cancelling all Alexandria meetings/events and closing offices to the public)

Executive Order 2020-06 (Suspending issuance of Peddlers/Solicitors/Itinerant Merchant Licenses until further notice)  Rescinded on July 15, 2021 by Executive Order 2021.03

Executive Order 2020-08 (Rescinding Sections 1 and 2 of Executive Order 2020-03)

Duke Energy Financial Assistance during COVID-19 – Click HERE for additional information.