In the Spring and Summer, there are lots of companies wanting to sell you pest control products, lawn services, etc. and doing door-to-door sales. Please note these companies are required to have a city peddlers/solicitor/itinerant merchant license before doing so. If someone knocks on your door, ask first to see their city license and make them show it to you. Many will say they have it in the car, but don’t take their word for it. They are told to keep it on their person when going door to door. If someone cannot provide this license, close the door and call the non-emergency police (859-292-3622) and they will dispatch an Alexandria Police Officer.

If you are an Alexandria resident and wish to be placed on the “No Knock” list, complete the NO-KNOCK APPLICATION and return to us. We will put your address on the list, which is given to all license holders and they are instructed avoid those homes.  If you do have a No-Knock sticker on your door and someone is soliciting, this is a sign they do not have a license.