Elected Officials

Stacey Graus



I am a practicing attorney in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. I chose to run for City Council in 1998 to effect a change in the direction of our city government. I have been involved in professional activities and remain involved with my children’s activities.

It has been a pleasure serving the citizens of Alexandria as a Council Member. I hope to continue the good work of city government so that our city will move forward and progress in a manner that enhances the quality of life for the residents of Alexandria.

Committees:  Finance – Chair, Public Works, Business Retention & Development

Robert Strong


I would like to thank all of the our citizens for voting in this year’s election cycle.  Hi, I am Bob Strong.  I’ve been a citizen of Alexandria for 42 years since marrying my wife, Micki Bridewell Strong.  Micki is a lifelong citizen of Alexandria.  We have two children and two grandchildren that will grow up here.

Some of you may know me through my coaching of your children or grandchildren.  I have coached boys and girls AAU and junior pro basketball, knothole baseball and girls fastpitch softball.

Micki and I are members of Main Street Baptist Church.  I have served as a trustee and also assisted on the building committee for the Calvin A. Perry Center and our new sanctuary south of town.  I also served our city as a committee member on the Alexandria Sewer Commission.  Prior to my retirement I worked in the construction industry.  During my 44 year career I gained experience in residential, commercial, precast, heavy highway and industrial concrete consturction.

My goal is to use my expereince in genearl management and sales management to assist our mayor and our sitting council move our city into the next decade, while maintaing our stored history.  Feel free to contact me at rstrong@alexandriaky.org.

Committees:  Personnel – Chair, Public Works, Safety


Tom Baldridge


Hi, I am Tom Baldridge. I have lived in Alexandria for 12 years and am a lifelong resident of Campbell County. I attended Campbell County High School and Northern Kentucky University. I am married to Shelly (Giesken) for 37 years, and we have 3 children and 6 grandchildren who live in Alexandria. I previously served on Cold Spring City Council for 7 years. I am pleased to represent you on Alexandria City Council and would be happy to hear from you if you have any concerns or ideas. This is a great city to live in with a lot of history. I want to continue that. You can email me at tbaldridge@alexandriaky.org.

Committees:  Public Works – Chair, Finance, Safety

Susan Vanlandingham


 Committees:  Future Planning – Chair, Personnel, Business Retention & Development

Joe Anderson



Committees:  Safety – Chair, Finance, Personnel

Kyle Sparks


I am a national litigation consultant and subject matter expert for Thomson Reuters.  I previously spent 7 years as a council member for the City of Crestview.  I look forward to being a part of Alexandria’s future. 

Committees:  Business Retention & Development – Chair, Future Planning, Public Works

Council Committees

FINANCE COMMITTEE (Stacey Graus-Chair, Tom Baldridge, Joe Anderson) – To assist and advise the Mayor and Council on any issues relating to budgets, recommend tax levels, and develop reporting systems.

PUBLIC WORKS/MAINTENANCE COMMITTEE (Tom Baldridge-Chair, Kyle Sparks, Robert Strong) – To assist and advise the Mayor and Council on any issues relating to setting capital infrastructure projects; suggest/affect maintenance priorities.

PERSONNEL COMMITTEE (Robert Strong-Chair, Joe Anderson, Susan Vanlandingham) – To assist and advise the Mayor and Council on any issues relating to developing hiring policies, position descriptions, and benefit programs.

SAFETY COMMITTEE (Joe Anderson-Chair, Tom Baldridge, Robert Strong) – Will work with the Mayor and Council on any issues or concerns relating to the Police Department and the General Public.  To see that the needs of the Police Department are met and that the safety and well being of the Police Personnel, and the health, safety and well being of the General Public are ensured.

BUSINESS RETENTION & DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE (Kyle Sparks-Chair, Stacey Graus, Susan Vanlandingham) – To assist and advise the Mayor and Council in creating a collaborative environment to assist in the retention of existing businesses and to bring in businesses that will be beneficial for the citizens of Alexandria.

FUTURE PLANNING COMMITTEE (Susan Vanlandingham-Chair, Stacey Graus, Kyle Sparks) – To assist and advise the Mayor and Council by recommending and studying topics which involve the future development pattern of the City of Alexandria.