Fire/EMS Chief

Fire/EMS Chief Jeff Pohlman comes from an enriched fire service background. Chief Pohlman was employed by the Alexandria Fire District on September 1st, 2003. Chief Pohlman started his fire service career at the young age of 14 with the Bromley, Kentucky Volunteer Fire Department. He acquired the rank of Lieutenant and also served as President of the volunteer organization from 1980-1985. In July of 1985, Chief Pohlman was employed by the City of Newport, Kentucky Fire/EMS Department where he attained the rank of Lieutenant until his retirement in July of 2003. Working with the Newport Fire/EMS Department allows for him to bring Fire and EMS experience to the Alexandria Fire District for future needs. The Chief served on the Fire District Board of Directors from July of 1999 to July of 2002. He also served as the part-time Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Alexandria from 2000 until his appointment as Fire/EMS Chief.

Chief Pohlman has an Associates Degree in Fire Science, a Bachelors Degree in Fire Safety and Engineering, and a Masters Degree in Executive Fire Service Leadership. Chief Pohlman is committed to assuring that the citizens of Alexandria and surrounding area have the best Fire/EMS protection available. As the City of Alexandria grows, the Fire District must keep up with the pace. Chief Pohlman is happy to be serving his community, a community he has resided in for the past 19 years. “Being a Fire Chief is special, but being a Fire Chief in your hometown is much more special.”