For Zoning and Builidng Applications, for fences, sheds, pools (above & inground), porches, decks, additions, etc for residential and commerical projects please click here

Alexandria will still be handling the below forms**.  After completing, forms can be emailed to  We accept credit cards, check, or cash, you can pay for the permit over the phone via a credit card; be sure to provide payment contact phone number on the permit.  If you have any questions contact us at 859-635-4125.

(**Mobile phone users may not be able to use the fillable feature option unless they have the pdf viewer on their phones.**)

Encroachment Permit Application

Electrical Permit Application

Affadavit for Homeowner’s Electric

Temporary Permit Application


For all Planning & Zoning applications for new developments, site plans, grading/erosion and other plat applications please click here.


Alcohol License Application.New, Renewed & Temporary – If you are looking to establish a new license, renew an existing license or are applying for a temporary license for a special event, please fill out the application.

Home Occupation Permit Application

Peddler or Solicitor License Application – If you wish to sell items door to door or solicit business from residents in Alexandria, you are required to fill out the application for a 90-day license and pay the $50 fee, prior to going door to door.

Itinerant Merchant Application – If you wish to set up and sell items that is not at your store front, you are required to fill out the application for either a 1 day license or a 90-day license.  Per ORD 2021-15, buinesses (i.e. Farmers, Sports apparel sellers, etc) who wish to set up and sell once within a 7-day period will not be charged a fee.  If you wish to sell for multiple days in a row, you are required to obtain a 90-day permit with a $50 fee.

Food Truck License Application

Occupational License Application – Every person, association, corporation or other business entity engaging in an occupation, business, trade or profession inside Alexandria City Limits is required to file and pay occupational license tax in addition to payroll tax.  The Campbell County Occupational License office in Newport handles all paperwork and payments.  

Registration for Licensing Chickens & Rabbits–  For residents with parcels of LESS THAN two acres who raise or keep rabbits and chickens must apply for a one-time license.


Street or Utililty Cut Permit

Special Event Permit Application– If you plan to have an event that requires the closure of city streets, please fill out that applicaiton and return to the City at least 60-days prior to the event.

Board of Adjustment Application

Commissions and Boards Application – If you are interested in serving on one of our many boards or commissions, fill out the application and return to Stephanie Tarter, City Clerk at

Employment Application

No Knock Application – For Alexandria CITY residents only.

Open Records RequestUpdated 6/29/2021:  Pursuant to KRS61.870-61.884, Alexandria City public records are open for inspection on written application to Stephanie Tarter, Alexandria City Clerk and Official Custodian, at 8236 West Main Street, Alexandria, KY 41001 ( from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday through Friday each week, except holidays.  Only residents of the Commonwealth of Kentucky as defined in KRS 61.870(10) may request public records.  Assistance in completing the application will be provided by an employee upon request.  Applicants shall be advised of the availability of records requested and shall be notified in writing not later than 5 working days after receipt of application of any reason the records requested are not available.  Copies of public records shall be furnished to any person requesting them on payment of a fee of $ 0.10 per page.  Non-written records shall be furnished on request on payment of a charge equal to the actual cost of producing copies of records by the most economic process not likely to damage or alter the record.

Registration of Vacant Property 

Residential Traffic Calming Program

Tribute Park Brick Application

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