Legal Ads/Bids

Changes in required publications per HB 487/KRS424: 

“. . . If a county or city published ordinances, audits, or bid solicitations on an Internet Web site, the county or city shall also publish an advertisement, in a newspaper qualified in accordance with KRS424.120, with a description of the ordinances, audits, or bid solicitations, published on the Internet Web site, including the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) where the documents can be viewed.” 

2020 Street Program BidLegal notice and information on request for sealed proposals for City of Alexandria’s 2020 Street Program,  Sealed bids are due by 11:00 a.m. local time on May 28, 2020. (Pub. 5/14/2020)



Ordinance 2020-06 – Approving a recommendation of the Alexandria Planning Commission to approve a zoning map amendment to rezone the Perry/Strickmeyer/Kendall Property Group real estate located at 7541 Alexandria Pike from its current zoning of Residential Rural Estate & Agricultural Zone (R-RE) to Planned Unit Development (PUD) Zone, subject to the submitted development plan and to the agreed conditions of approval, in order to develop the real estate for an apartment project, with some commercial lots along Alexandria Pike.  (Pub. 3/12/2020)

Ordinance 2020-05 – Approving a recommendation of the Alexandria Planning Commission, in order to adopt text amendments to Sections 4.17 and 4.18 of the Alexandria Zoning Ordinance in order to remove car washes as permitted uses in the HC and NSC Commercial Zones; and to Section 3.8 in order to classify grass and weeds above eight inches in height to be a violation.  (Pub. 3/12/2020)

Ordinance 2020-04 – Adopting the 2020 S-20 Supplement to the City of Alexandria Code of Ordinances, as  prepared by the American Legal Publishing Corporation.  (Pub. 2/27/2020)

Ordinance 2020-01Approving a recommendation of the Alexandria Planning Commission to approve a zoning map amendment to rezone the Kel Aud Corporation real estate located at 11 Viewpoint Drive from its current zoning of R-1V (Residential One-V) to HC (Highway Commercial), subject to the submitted Development Plan and to the agreed conditions of approval, in order to redevelop the property and convert the existing building into the Reca Business Center.  (Pub. 1/23/2020)

Ordinance 2019-06Amending Ordinance 2019-03, the City’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2019-2020, in order to approve the Sewer Fund Budget, according to attached Exhibit “A”. (Pub. 10/10/2019)

Ordinance 2019-05Amending Ordinance 2018-03, the City’s budget for Fiscal Year 2018-2019, by transferring funds to and among the various budget accounts according to attached Exhibit “A”, in order to end the fiscal year in balance.  (Pub. 10/10/2019)

Ordinance 2019-04Providing for the assessment of real property within the corporate limits of the City of Alexandria and levying an ad valoram tax of $0.174 on each One Hundred Dollars of assessed valuation ($1.74 per Thousand) of real property in the City for the 2019 assessment tax year and specifying the purpose for which the tax is levied.  (Pub. 9/12/2019)

Ordinance 2019-03 – Adopting the Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020, by estimating revenues and resources, and appropriating funds for the operation of city government.  (Pub. 6/13/2019)

Ordinance 2019-02 – Amending various sections of the City Code of Ordinances in order to modify bonding requirements for City officials and employees and to make other technical corrections.  (Pub. 5/23/2019)

Ordinance 2019-01 – Amending Sec. 31.44 of the city Code of Ordinances, in order to modify the compensation for members of the City Planning Commission.  (Pub. 5/23/2019)

Ordinance 2018-09 Adopting the 2019 S-19 Supplement to the City Code of Ordinances as prepared by American Legal Publishing Corporation.  (Pub. 1/10/2019)



06.30.19 Audited Financial Statements – Financial Audit Reports of the City of Alexandria for Fiscal Year ending 6/30/19.  (Pub. 12/26/2019)