About Alexandria Police

Officers and Employees

Police Chief Lucas Cooper

E-mail:   lcooper@alexandriaky.org

Lieutenant Natalie Selby

E-mail:   nselby@alexandriaky.org

Detective Sergeant Chris Jaskowiak

E-mail:  cjaskowiak@alexandriaky.org

Detective J.B. Brown

E-mail:   jbrown@alexandriaky.org

Sergeant Greg Hallau

E-mail:   ghallau@alexandriaky.org

Sergeant Richard Northcutt

E-mail:   rnorthcutt@alexandriaky.org

Patrolman Paul Cox

E-mail:   pcox@alexandriaky.org

Patrolman Jared Brewer

E-mail:   jbrewer@alexandriaky.org

Patrolman Alex Klei

E-mail:   aklei@alexandriaky.org

Patrolman Jordan Nicoll

E-mail:   jnicoll@alexandriaky.org

Patrolman Nathan Nogueras

E-mail:   nnogueras@alexandriaky.org

Patrolman Whitney Buerger

E-mail:   wbuerger@alexandriaky.org

Patrolman Matthew Perkins

E-mail:  mperkins@alexandriaky.org

School Resource Officer Mick Carrasquel

E-mail:   mcarrasquel@alexandriaky.org

School Resource Officer Lisa Grisik

E-mail:   lgrisik@alexandriaky.org

Code Enforcement Officer Scott Davenport

E-mail:   sdavenport@alexandriaky.org

Police Social Worker Kelly Pompilio

E-mail:   kpompilio@alexandriaky.org

Police Social Worker Cassie Hensley

E-mail:   chensley@alexandriaky.org

Administrative Clerk Mary Morscher

E-mail:   marym@alexandriaky.org

Administrative Clerk Lisa Childers

E-mail:   lchilders@alexandriaky.org

Reserve Officer Mike Klein

Email:  mklein@alexandriaky.org

Chief Pilot Don Caracciolo – Drone Program

Email:  dcaracciolo@alexandriaky.org

A “State Accredited” Agency

Kentucky Association of Chief’s of Police ACCREDITATION PROGRAM


The Kentucky Association of Chief’s of Police Accreditation Program is intended to provide law enforcement agencies of the Commonwealth with an avenue for demonstrating that they meet commonly accepted professional standards for efficient and effective operations. Law Enforcement executives who choose to have their agencies accredited under this program have examined all aspects of their operations.  They have made conscious decisions about policies and procedures that fit the law enforcement requirements of their jurisdictions and have implemented those policies and trained their employees in their use. Accreditation reflects that the agency was carefully measured against an established set of standards and has met or exceeded professionally accepted practices in law enforcement. The Alexandria Police Department received full accreditation status in July 2002, its second five-year accrediation status in July 2007, and a third certificate in July 2012.  The agency today stands as one of the most professional agencies in the state as it continues to grow with the community it serves.



The Alexandria Police Department is currently accepting applications for the position of new recruit police officer.  Applications will be accepted until position is filled.  Click here for the link to the application.

On-Site Assessment

On-Site Assessment



Community Policing

On-Site Assessment Report


The attached report is the result of a request by Chief Michael Ward for an on-site assessment sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Public Safety and conducted by the Kentucky Regional Police Institute (Kentucky RCPI).


OnSite Assessment Report

OnSite Executive Summary