About Alexandria Police

Message from the Chief

Alexandria Police Chief


Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Hopefully it can be a useful resource to learn more about the services provided by the Alexandria Police Department, as well as to familiarize yourself with the men and women who serve our community.

It is the mission of the Alexandria Police Department to provide professional, high quality and effective police service in partnership with the community. We believe that our work has a vital impact on the quality of life in our community. 

We value human life by making safety our top priority and providing services above and beyond the normal duties of law enforcement. We are committed to serving with integrity and excellence. The City of Alexandria deserves the highest level of service and we strive to hold officers to the highest of standards, provide them with quality training and develop programs which specifically address the needs of citizens.

We aim to achieve our mission through cooperation within our agency, with the community, and with other local agencies and organizations.

Please free to contact me at any time should you have questions, concerns or suggestions concerning the way in which we serve the community. I always look forward to meeting and building relationships with those around our community so that we can grow and improve. Thank you for helping us through your continued support.

Chief Lucas T. Cooper

Officers and Employees

Police Chief Lucas Cooper

E-mail:   lcooper@alexandriaky.org

Lieutenant Richard Northcutt

E-mail:   rnorthcutt@alexandriaky.org

Sergeant Jordan Nicoll

E-mail:   jnicoll@alexandriaky.org

Sergeant Nathan Nogueras

E-mail:   nnogueras@alexandriaky.org

Patrolman Chris Jaskowiak

E-mail:  cjaskowiak@alexandriaky.org

Patrolwoman Whitney Buerger

E-mail:   wbuerger@alexandriaky.org

Detective Nick Rhoden

E-mail:   nrhoden@alexandriaky.org

Patrolman James Gibson

E-mail:   jgibson@alexandriaky.org

Patrolman Jacob Denney

E-mail:   jdenney@alexandriaky.org

Patrolman Shawn Hartman

E-mail:   shartman@alexandriaky.org

Patrolman Jonathan Payne

E-mail:   jpayne@alexandriaky.org

Patrolman Blake Cuthbert

E-mail:   bcuthbert@alexandriaky.org

Patrolman Brian Messer

E-mail:   bmesser@alexandriaky.org

School Resource Officer Lisa Grisik

E-mail:   lgrisik@alexandriaky.org

School Resource Officer Darrell Caldwell

E-mail:   dcaldwell@alexandriaky.org

Police Social Worker Kelly Pompilio

E-mail:   kpompilio@alexandriaky.org

Administrative Clerk Brittany Baker

E-mail:   bbaker@alexandriaky.org

Administrative Clerk Katrina Bray

E-mail:   kbray@alexandriaky.org

Chief Pilot Don Caracciolo – Drone Program

Email:  dcaracciolo@alexandriaky.org

Contact Information

DIAL “911” for Emergencies Only:

(Crimes in Progress, Injury Accidents, Medical Emergencies, Fires, Electrical lines down, Gas/Toxic Leaks or an immediate situation where someone can be hurt.)

Calling for help when you have or observe an emergency situation:

If you have an emergency, you can contact the Police Department any time day or night by simply dialing “911” from a residential, business or public pay phone within Campbell County. Communication officers or “call takers” will answer your 911 call as quickly as it is received. They will first determine the nature of the problem and inquire if you need the police, fire or medical personnel to respond. If you require the police, you will be asked to provide information to the following types of questions? It is important that you remain calm even though you may be upset or scared. Stay on the telephone line and talk to the call taker, if you can do so safely, until police arrive.

The location of the emergency. Be as exact as possible, a house address or street intersection.

A description of the emergency or event.

Names and descriptions of persons involved.

Descriptions of vehicles involved.

Any injuries to yourself or other individuals along with the type of injury if known.

Were any weapons involved, and if so, how many and what type.

Using your cell phone for an emergency:

At present, when you dial “911” within the Campbell County Area, you will reach the Campbell County Consolidated Dispatch Center. Please be aware that there may be some areas in the county that send the cell calls to the other dispatch centers. Those dispatch centers will connect you to our communications unit immediately.

Dial 859-292-3622 for non-emergencies:

(Examples: Crimes NOT IN PROGRESS, Non-injury Accidents, Scheduled Events [parades, sports], Weather Conditions, Report Requests or Delayed Reports, Dog Barking, Loud Music, Illegal Parking, Traffic Violations) If you have a situation, which is not an emergency, and you require or request the police, you can contact the Police Department any time of the day or night by simply dialing 859-292-3622 from a residential, business, public pay phone or cellular phone. The call taker will first determine the nature of the situation or problem and then inquire for further details. It is important that you remain calm during this conversation. Although you might be upset or frightened, this information is needed to assist the officers responding to help you.The call taker will forward your information to a dispatcher who will assign a police unit to your request for assistance. Remember, emergency and life-threatening calls take priority over non-emergency calls. There may be times when the patrol officers are extremely busy with priority calls.

Administration – Our administrative office is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

8236 West Main St. Alexandria, KY 41001

Office: 859-635-4126
Fax: 859-635-4123

General Email: police@alexandriaky.org

A “State Accredited” Agency


Kentucky Association of Chief’s of Police ACCREDITATION PROGRAM


The Kentucky Association of Chief’s of Police Accreditation Program is intended to provide law enforcement agencies of the Commonwealth with an avenue for demonstrating that they meet commonly accepted professional standards for efficient and effective operations. Law Enforcement executives who choose to have their agencies accredited under this program have examined all aspects of their operations.  They have made conscious decisions about policies and procedures that fit the law enforcement requirements of their jurisdictions and have implemented those policies and trained their employees in their use. Accreditation reflects that the agency was carefully measured against an established set of standards and has met or exceeded professionally accepted practices in law enforcement. The Alexandria Police Department received full accreditation status in July 2002, with renewels every five years.  The agency today stands as one of the most professional agencies in the state as it continues to grow with the community it serves.