Opening a Business

We are happy you are interested in coming to our city!

The first thing would be to call the city at 859-635-4125 and ask to speak with the Zoning Administrator about the site you are interested in to see if your business meets the zoning requirements for this particular site. 

You will also need to apply for an Occupational License for the City of Alexandria and Campbell County.  All businesses inside City Limits of Alexandria are required to have this license.  This is all handled through Campbell County Payroll and Occupational License Department in Newport, Kentucky (859-292-3884).  The form and payment should be submitted to Campbell County at 1098 Monmouth Street, Room 320, Newport, KY, 41071.

Next, if you are moving into a premise that was an existing business before, you will have to complete a Commercial Change of Use or Occupancy form for our records and submit that to the City of Alexandria.

If there is any remodeling to be done before you move into the premises, a Commercial Building Permit-Remodel is necessary.  This is also a Campbell County form and any questions about the application can be directed to Campbell County Building & Zoning at 859-292-3880. 

For signage, you will need to fill out and return a Zoning Permit Application to the City of Alexandria, 8236 West Main Street, Alexandria, KY  41001. 

Any other questions you have about starting up a new business in the city limits of Alexandria can be referred to our Zoning Administrator at 859-635-4125.