Public Works Department

The City of Alexandria Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance of the city’s streets, city sidewalks, street signs, storm drains, and park maintenance.  If there are aware of any issues please fill out the form below or you can email Mr. Doug DeJaco directly.

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Doug DeJaco
Superintendant Public Works Department



The City of Alexandria receives many calls regarding the condition of city streets. Please take into consideration that the Public Works Department does everything they can to get the streets as clean as possible for residents.

When snow is predicted our Public Works Supervisor decides if a pre-treatment is necessary.  If it is below a certain temperature, however, pre-treat or salt has no effect on the snow.  When there is rapid snow fall, it is sometimes better to wait until the snow diminishes in intensity, and then plow.  The main goal is to at least have a path for travel in and out of the street, then return to remove as much snow as possible.  Also, please remember that snow has to be put somewhere and they put it where they can at that time.


  • When snow is predicted and you have a driveway, PLEASE USE IT – keeping cars off the street will allow the snow plows to clear a bigger path.  That means they can pile snow in yards, not on your car.  It is also safer for your car, and the City crew for avoiding accidents.

  • When snow is plowed, some will usually end up in your driveway and yard…it’s either that, or the street doesn’t get plowed.  The snow has to go somewhere!

  • Mailboxes…again, the snow is pushed to the side of the street and may block your mailbox.  It is your responsibility to clear the snow around your mailbox so the post office will deliver your mail. 

  • We are often asked why salt hasn’t been put down during snow storms.  If the temperature is below 25 degrees, salt does not work and thus wasteful.