Questions & Answers

I want to start up a new business in Alexandria City Limits. What are the things I need to do?

We are happy you are interested in coming to our city!

The first thing would be to call the city at 859-635-4125 and ask to speak with City Administrator, David Plummer, about the site you are interested in to see if your business meets the zoning requirements for this particular site. 

You will also need to apply for an Occupational License for the City of Alexandria and Campbell County.  All businesses inside Corporate City Limits of Alexandria are required to have a business license and subject to payroll tax.  The submission of the form and all payments are handled through Campbell County Payroll and Occupational License Department in Newport, Kentucky (859-292-3884; 1098 Monmouth Street, Suite 319/320, Newport, KY, 41071).

Next, if you are moving into a premise that was an existing business before, you will have to complete a Commercial Change of Use or Occupancy form.  If there is any remodeling to be done before you move into the premises, a Commercial Building Permit-Remodel is necessary.  You will also need a permit for any signage for your business.   All forms and payments are handled by Campbell County Planning & Zoning & Building Inspections (859-292-3880; 1098 Monmouth St, Suite 343, Newport, KY 41071).

How do I report a pothole?

Contact the Public Works Supervisor at 859-635-4125.

Who should I contact if there's a street light out?

Visit Duke Energy’s website for Street & Area Light Repair, input the address closest to the light pole with the outage and follow the prompts.  Someone from Duke will come out and repair the light and let you know when the repairs are completed.  

Can I still get a paver at the Tribute Park for my loved one?

Yes, pavers are $45 for small pavers, $90 for large pavers.  You can download the Application and fill out.  Completed forms are accepted at the City Clerk’s Office.

How can I rent the Community Center?

Call 859-635-6359 and check availability and to make arrangements to complete a contract and make payment.

Is the large shelter at the Alexandria Community Park available to rent? What is the cost?

If you live within the city limits of Alexandria, you are able to reserve the large park shelter (by the fishing dock).  The cost is $25, plus tax and can be paid via, check, cash or card (3% convenience fee for debit/credit cards).  A reservation form will also need to be completed.  Any city resident wishing to rent the large shelter should call the City Building to check on the date, and the city staff will assist you in making the necessary arrangements.

Do I need a permit to have a garage sale?

No, ONLY IF you plan on having one more than twice a year.  Chapter 116 of Alexandria’s Code of Ordinances (BUSINESS LICENSES), states “Yard sales, garage sales, street sales, and all other similar type sales shall not be required to purchase a license as required herein unless such sales are held by the same person or family or on the same premises more than twice during the period between July 1 through June 30, or if the sale exceeds 3 consecutive days.  In the event the sale exceeds 3 consecutive days or takes place on more than 2 occasions during the licensed period, then a license will be required in the amount of $25 per day.

Keep in mind though that signs advertising your garage sale are only permitted on your property and should not be put at the top of your street.

Where do I go to vote?
What are the rules and regulations for putting my trash at the curb?

Section 50.30 of the City’s Code of Ordinance states:

“Occupants of all residential units shall place the trash for collection at the curb in front of residential unit no earlier than the day prior to the day scheduled for collection at that residence.  The receipacle . . . shall be removed from the curb and returned to the premises of the residential unit prior to midnight on the day of collection.”

Currently, the City of Alexandria has contracted with Rumpke for curbside service.  All Alexandria Households with curbside trash collection will have the opportunity to receive one 96-gallon wheeled garbage cart (waste wheeler) and one 65-gallon wheeled recycling cart, at no additional charge.  Call the City Clerk office at 859-635-4125 to order your cans, delivery typically takes 7-10 business days. 

If you have a large item (non-freon) for pick up you will need to call 859-472-7339, 48-hours prior to the scheudled trash collection day of Wednesday.  NOTE, some items are required to be full wrapped in plastic, i.e. couches, mattresses, etc.  Visit Rumpke for furthre details and instructions acceptable ways and items for curbside pickup.

How do I dispose of old paint?

Rumpke can and will accept paint cans IF the lids are off and the paint is dry.  To dry paint, allow the paint to sit with the lid off, or add kitty litter or sawdust to the paint to help dry up the liquid. 

What happens to trash/recycling service if there's a holiday during the week?

Click on to view schedules.  You are in the “SOUTHEAST” area.

How can I view public documents and records?

You must first download a Open Records Inspection Form to submit to the City.  The City then has 5 business days to respond and/or produce the requested documents.

Why is the post office not delivering my mail?

Sometimes the post office is unable to deliver your mail, particularly during a heavy snow storm. 

What should I do if I have a salesperson knocking on my door?

Is someone knocking on your door selling a new roof, pest control, house painting or something else? Did you know that all solicitors/peddlers/itinerant merchants (does not include politicians or non-profit organizations which includes religious groups) need to register with our office prior to knocking on your door? When a business registers with the City, we check their credentials and if approved, will issue them a Solicitor/Peddler/Itinerant Merchant License. They also receive a current copy of the “No Knock” list.

When they knock on your door, ask to see their City License (the license is printed on a piece of colored card stock paper and includes the city logo); they should have this on their person at all times. If they cannot produce this license, let them know they are not allowed to knock on your door and could be subject to a City Citation. Contact our office, 859.635.4125, or non-emergency dispatch, 859.292.3622 to report someone who doesn’t have a license.

If you live within the Corporate City Limits and wish to be placed on the “No Knock” list, fill out the attached form and return the City of Alexandria office; you can mail it in, stop by the office during business hours or place in our overnight drop box by the main entrance.  We will then mail or hand you the sticker you can affix to your door letting the business know they are not to knock on your door. Remember, this does not apply to politicians and non-profit organizations (including religious groups).