Alexandria Police Training


Officers in the Commonwealth of Kentucky are required to attend 16 weeks at the Criminal Justice Training Center for Basic training and in addition receive 40 hours of in-service training each year to meet statutory requirements.

In 2009, The officers of the Alexandria Police Department have completed above and beyond the required in-service and specialized traning mandated by the Commonwealth.

FBI National Academy

The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) National Academy has long been a vital element in the continuing improvement of law enforcement standards, knowledge, and cooperation throughout the world. The National Academy experience provides a wide range of leadership and specialized training, as well as an opportunity for professional law enforcement officers to share ideas, techniques, and experiences.It is with the above concept that the National Academy Program was founded on July 29, 1935, with 23 students in attendance. Since that early beginning, the National Academy Program has graduated 36,519 qualified students to include the graduation of the 213th Session on June 13, 2003. The program has enjoyed a worldwide reputation graduating 2,326 international officers representing 146 countries.With the opening of the FBI Academy in the summer of 1972, National Academy classes were provided on a quarterly basis consisting of 11 weeks of training for upper- and mid-level law enforcement officers. The curriculum focuses on leadership and management training and consists of courses relating to Leadership Development Unit, Behavioral Science, Law, Communication, Forensic Science and Health/Fitness.


Following graduation, each officer has the opportunity to join the FBI National Academy Associates, a dynamic organization of more than 15,000 law enforcement professionals who have played a significant role in developing a higher level of competency, cooperation, and integrity within the law enforcement community.

Chief Michael Ward graduated from the National Academy in December 1996 with the 187th Session, Lt. Daniel Wittrock with the 223rd Session in December 2005 and Investigator Howard Trapnell with 133rd Session in 1983. Unlike other upper level executive programs in the country. The FBI National Academy is the only one that its attendance is by invitation only. These are truly outstanding men and women from around the world.


Academy of Police Supervision (APS)

The Department of Criminal Justice Training, at Eastern Kentucky University, also developed a supervision course for law enforcements’ first line supervisors, the Sergeants. The Academy of Police Supervision is an intensive three (3) week course. APS is designed to be the first course in supervision for personnel who have been recently promoted or who are currently on the agency’s promotion list. The students will be expected to participate in reading assignments, writing assignments, and practical exercises. Lieutenant George Schreiner graduated in August 2003; Sergeant Kevin Mathews graduated in 2007; and Sergeant Gary Frodge graduated in 2010.

Criminalistic Academy


The Criminalistic Academy is an intensive 10-week training program designed to meet the needs of Kentucky Law Enforcement Agencies in the areas of evidence identification, collection and preservation.

The goal of the academy is to provide the crime scene investigator with the most recent crime scene investigative techniques available today.

Investigator Howard Trapnell was selected and graduated from the first Criminalistic Academy Class presented in 2007. He also serves on the KCA selection committee for new applicants.

Sgt. Gary Frodge and Ofc.Tim Vinson have graduated since 2009 from the Criminalistic Academy Class. In addition to their duties at the Alexandria Police Department, they also serves on the Campbell County Crime Scene Response Team.